Kain Rivers (Kirill Dmitriyevich Rogovets-Zakon) — singer, actor, model.

Semifinalist of the third season of the Ukrainian TV project “The Voice. Kids”, channel 1+1, Potap’s team, semifinalist of “New Wave Junior 2017”, participant of the first season of reality show “Battle of Talents” on MUZ-TV and the anniversary season of the TV project “The voiсe. Kids 5”, Channel One, Basta’s team.

Genres: euro-pop, R&B and rock.

He sings in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spenish and Chinese.

Nominee for the award “Kinder MUZ Award” 2017 in the category “Singer of the year” of MUZ-TV.

Headliner of the charity event organized by the mobile operator MTS - "Generation М". He took part in annual musical festivals: "Mayovka Live 2018", TV channel Muz 1, "Generation NEXT", radio KIDSFM, "ВК FEST", "Video-Heat", "Bashka Kids Awards 2018" by OPEN KIDS.

One of the headliners of the main stage "FIFA FAN FEST 2018" in Saint-Petersburg. Participant of annual charity event of Channel One - "Be the First".

Semifinalist "The Black Sea games 2018" in Skadovsk.

Winner of the popular vote (The 1st place of 10) in the final of the national qualifying round of "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018" in Ukraine.

Worked at the joint author’s track “Faded” with a singer Polina (who got a prestigious musical award Grammy in 2013 for a joint track with Eminem “Legacy”) and top DJs from the UK, DIGITAL FARM ANIMALS (the song writers for such singers as - Alan Walker, Bebe Rexha, Louis Tomlinson - One Direction, Noah Cyrus, Nelly and others).

Recorded a joint track with the iconic Russian DJ-duo - Filatov&Karas (Be My Nirvana).

Their joint work is to commence in 2019.

Appeared on the stage together with such popular singers as Sofia Rotaru, Loboda, Monatik, Max Barskykh, Alekseev, Potap, Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov, Philipp Kirkorov, Timati, Olga Buzova and others.

Recorded more than 50 original songs by famous song-writers from the CIS and other countries and made their video versions in many countries of the world (China, Italy, Iceland, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Israel, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Catalonia, Switzerland, Latvia, Belarus, Monaco).

The debut album "The star" was released on the last day of summer, on 31 August 2018. It includes 12 original songs, both lyrical and dancing. The release of the second album “Music and you” was released on October 2018.

Kain Rivers song “Dedication” is a tribute to the memory of the children, who became victims of terrorist attacks all over the world.

Kain Rivers record producer is Sergey Galoyan, who is famous as one of the founders of the iconic duo “Tatu” and the author of the hits " All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us". Together with Sergey Kain Rivers recorded a cover version of the famous song ”Not Gonna Get Us” and performed it in the battles in the project "The voice. Kids 5".

The arranger of the songs “The star”, “Force” and “Greedily” was Palagin, who worked with Black Star, Timati, Guf, Egor Kreed, pop-group “Serebro”, “Open Kids” and many others.

The author of the songs “Baby, I miss you”, “Your day”, “Force”, “Being with me is cool for her” and ”You” is the iconic composer Igor Maisky, who wrote a mega hit “Your eyes” sung by Loboda.

The author of the songs “Wounded animal” and “Far Far Away” is a famous composer and producer of the project The Voice on TV channel 1+1, Ruslan Kvinta (the author of the hits “Drunken Sun”, “Shatters of the dream” and “I feel with my soul” sung by ALEKSEEV). Prod/ of “Wounded animal” – IKSIY MUSIC (“PLAKALA” by Kazka)/

Some Kirill’s videos feature the professional dancer and rapper Anton Kaplun (a former member of Dside Band, who also starred in the video of the popular group Open Kids “Don’t dance”). They also recorded a joint track “High school student”.

Recorded a joint song with a super finalist of the 4th Season of the project “The voice. Kids” and the participant of Junior Eurovision Song Contest (representing The Republic of Belarus) and a former member of the group "NEBO5", Alexander Minyonok.

Recorded a joint composition with a Ukrainian group "NEBO5", written by Andrey Belyayev (the author of many OPEN KIDS’s hits and others).

Together with Vladimir Torsuyev and Yuri Torsuyev, who played many years ago the roles of Elektronic and his look-a-like Syroyezhkin correspondingly in the film "The Adventures of Electronic", Kirill appears in the video version of the iconic and greatest ever song ”The winged swings” .

The music video of the song “Snowy” was made on New Year’s eve, in Santa Claus Village, in Lapland, in Santa Claus’s official residence (Rovaniemi, Finland) and laid the foundation for the revival of the legendary tradition The boy The New Year.

Kirill’s stage name is Kain Rivers.

Kain's producer is his father, a businessman and investor, Dmitry Zakon. 


Metropolis London Music All song of Kain Rivers going through a professional and thorough mastering process for Grammy Award winners in the mastering nomination. Stuart Hawkes, Tony Cousins, Tim Young & John Davis - Mastering Engineers. Works and projects for such world-famous artists as: Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams, Adele, Elton John, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, U2, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Tiesto & many more.

We Remember – a musical film, commemorating The Holocaust!

A musical film with Kain Rivers (Kirill Rogovets-Zakon) in the main role (he also sings the song) about The Holocaust, titled "Помним" and "We Remember" was made for one year in Poland, Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Russia, Latvia. The film generated over 5 million hits on social media in less than a day. The film was honoured and accepted for film adaptations on a permanent basis in "Yad Vashem" – Israel’s official memorial of the Holocaust and Heroism and will be shown to official delegations, university and high school students, together with Schindler's List by Steven Spielberg and others.

On 27th Nisan by the Jewish calendar (12 April, 2018, the day of the film release) Israel observes Holocaust Remembrance Day and Heroism in commemoration of the Jews, who became victims of Nazism during World War Two. Remembrance Day: the word remembrance is essential. For, if we do not remember, everything may repeat. One of the purposes of the Remembrance Day is telling again and again about the past events to young generations, not to let them forget and help them to remember.

The film “Pomnim/We remember” is commemorating the Holocaust and the uprising in Sobibór extermination camp, which 75th anniversary will be marked in October 2018. The main idea of the film is not only preserving the memory about the Holocaust, but to tell the young generation about it, who don’t know much about those terrible years and listen about it once or twice a year, a little at home and, perhaps, something elase when travelling with schoolmates to Poland. The film authors, thanks to the appearance of a young and popular singer artist in it, try to draw the attention of young people to the theme of the Holocaust, all over the world, in the CIS countries and Israel, spark their interest in the history of the Jewish people and its roots. The film was shot in the countries connected with horrible and dreadful events of the Holocaust – in Poland in Auschwitz, Sobibor, Majdanek, Treblinka, in Chełmno and Bełżec; in Babi Yar in Kyivе, Ukraine; in Salaspils, Latvia.

Part of the film was shot in Jerusalem – in "Yad Vashem”. This film shows what no one has ventured to do before: a 13-year-old boy, celebrating Bar Mitzvah, dressed in a striped prisoner’s robe with a number on his hand, filmed near the barbed wire fences, next to the barracks with furnaces. The film was shot practically in all the places connected with the Holocaust, in the vicinity of the remaining evidence of the appalling atrocities. The song for the film “We Remember” was composed by Israeli composer Stanislav Volsky.

The song was to have become the soundtrack of the film by Konstantin Khabensky “Sobibor”, but, was not included in it in the end and turned into a separate musical film, in which it is sung by a 13-year-old boy.

The film itself “Sobibor”, is a screen adaptation of the book “Alexander Pechorsky: A breakhrough into the eternity" – a publication of memories of Alexander Aronovich Pechersky — the Red Army officer, the leader of the single in the world history successful uprising in the extermination camp Sobibor. The book also includes a poem by M. I. Geilikman "Luca" that gave a start to the international project commemorating the heroes of this uprising. The book was compiled and prepared for publication by Iliya Vasiliyev in 2013.

The film “Pomnim/We remember” is shown both in Russian and English. Its length is 6 minutes. The authors hope that this film will contribute to the strengthening of the memory about the Holocaust and heroism of the European Jews all over the world, in Israel and in the CIS. Extermination, destruction, heaps of children’s clothes, fires, barbed wire – it is very hard to describe all this in words, hard, and, at times, impossible to describe the scenes from this film. Already, after the first seconds of the film, after the first sounds of the music the audience cannot remain indifferent. This film may give a shock, and, the first shock, the first impression is reinforced by the music, the vocal and the visual imagery. But such is the aim of this film – to shock and remind, to strike and prevent from forgetting, especially the young generation, to give a blow to all deniers of the Holocaust – an artistic blow, comparable with "Schindler's List" by Steven Spielberg.

It is also planned that the song from this film will become the central musical theme of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed annually on 27 January – on the day of Auschwitz liberation.

This initiative has already been supported by WJC – World Jewish Congress.


Warner Music Russia (Warner Music Group Inc.)

Make It Music (Black Star Inc.)

The Orchard (Sony Music Entertainment Inc.)


Singles -  

2018 — We Remember (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2018 — Помним (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2018 — 8 чудо (Kain Rivers ft. NEBO5, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Ты пахнешь летом (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2018 — Сила (Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Ей со мной круто (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2018 — 冷心 | Frozen heart (Chinese version), (简利华 I Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — 酒窝 I Dimples (Chinese version), (简利华 I Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Chupa Chups (Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Были или нет (Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Без прощання (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc. укр. версия)

2018 — Жадно (Kain Rivers, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Океан (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2018 — Сказочный сюжет (Kain Rivers ft. Dan & Мухаммед, label Make It Music, The Orchard)

2018 — Раненый зверь (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — To the sky (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Dying without you (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Come back (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Dreams (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Far far away (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — I am a rebel (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Faded (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Without saying goodbye (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Believe (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Middle of the night (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Moving slowly (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Moving slowly (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Kind Of Love (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Te Amo (Kain Rivers, label Warner Music Group Inc.)

2019 — Be My Nirvana ft. Filatov & Karas


2018 — Звезда (label Make It Music, The Orchard)

  2. Талисман (TEEJAY)
  3. Все под паром (90210)
  4. Baby I miss you (IGOR MAYSKIY)
  5. Старшеклассница (TEEJAY)
  6. Твой день (IGOR MAYSKIY / 90210)
  7. Сердце на двоих (90210)
  8. Отпусти (STAS VOLSKY)
  10. На краю весны (STAS VOLSKIY)
  11. Воздух (STAS VOLSKIY)
  12. Снежная (STAS VOLSKIY)

2018 — Музыка и ты (label Make It Music, The Orchard)

  1. Музыка и ты (23:45)
  2. Королева бала (23:45)
  3. Девочка (23:45)
  4. Море (23:45)
  5. Как просто (90210)
  6. Холодное сердце (23:45)
  7. Признание (23:45)
  8. Колыбельная (STAS VOLSKIY)
  9. В небо (STAS VOLSKIY)
  11. Посвящение (MAXI-BOOM)

2018 — Прекрасное далеко (Kain Rivers production)

Official cover versions:

  1. Белые розы (SERGEY KUZNETZOV)
  2. Прекрасное далеко (EVGENIY KRILATOV / YURII ENTIN)
  3. Маленькая страна (IGOR NIKOLAEV)
  4. Chandelier (Sia Furler / Jesse Shatkin)
  5. Крылатые качели (EVGENIY KRILATOV / YURII ENTIN)
  6. Hello (Adele Adkins / Greg Kurstin)
  7. Знаешь ли ты (MAKSIM)
  8. Нас не догонят (SERGEY GALOYAN / ELENA KIPER)

2019 — Раненый зверь (label Make It Music, The Orchard, Warner Music Russia, Warner Music Group Inc.)

  2. Океан (TEEJAY)
  3. Помним (STAS VOLSKIY)
  5. Ей со мной круто (IGOR MAYSKIY / 90210)
  6. Ты пахнешь летом (ANDREI BILYAEV / STAS CHERNIY)
  7. Были или нет (TOMASH)
  8. 8 чудо (ANDREI BILYAEV / 90210)
  10. Chupa Chups (23:45)
  11. Без прощання (TEEJAY)
  12. Frozen heart (Chinese version, 23:45)
  13. Dimples (Chinese version, 23:45)
  14. Ananda (TIMELOCK)
  15. Ninki Nanka (TIMELOCK)

2019 — Believe (label Warner Music Group Inc.)

  1. Believe
  2. Te Amo ( Prod. Teejay)
  3. Without Saying Goodbye
  4. Faded (Prod. Digital Farm Animals & Polina)
  5. Be My Nirvana ft . Filatov & Karas
  6. Kind Of Love ( Prod. 90210)
  7. Come back
  8. Dreams
  9. Far far away (Prod. Ruslan Kvinta)
  10. Moving slowly
  11. Middle of the Night
  12. Dying without you
  13. To the sky
  14. I am a rebel
  15. We Remember


2017 — Прекрасное далеко

2017 — Маленькая страна

2017 — Chandelier

2017 — Крылатые качели

2017 — Белые лошади

2017 — Посвящение

2017 — В небо

2017 — Снежная

2018 — Ananda

2018 — Hello

2018 — Знаешь ли ты

2018 — Нас не догонят

2018 — Как просто

2018 — Колыбельная

2018 — На краю весны

2018 — Девочка

2018 — Звезда

2018 — BabyImissyou

2018 — Твой день

2018 — Холодное сердце

2018 — Королева бала

2018 — Ты

2018 — Музыка и ты

2018 — Старшеклассница

2018 — Талисман

2018 — Отпусти

2018 — Сердце на двоих

2018 — Признание

2018 — Воздух

2018 — Все под паром

2018 — WeRemember

2018 — Помним

2018 — 8 чудо

2018 — Ты пахнешь летом

2018 — Сила

2018 — Ей со мной круто

2018 — Frozen heart (Chinese version)

2018 — Dimples (Chinese version)

2018 — Chupa Chups

2018 — Были или нет

2018 — Без прощання

2018 — Жадно

2018 — Океан

2018 — Белые розы

2018 — Сказочный сюжет

2019 — Раненый зверь

2019 — To the sky

2019 — Dying without you

2019 — Come back

2019 — Dreams

2019 — Far far away

2019 — I am a rebel

2019 — Faded 

2019 — Without saying goodbye

2019 — Believe

2019 — Middle of the night

2019 — Moving slowly 

2019 — Kind Of Love

2019 — Te Amo

2019 — Be My Nirvana ft. Filatov & Karas